Summit Medical Centers

Summit Medical Center's has 6 clinic locations that provide patients with safe and compassionate abortion care. They also provide gynecological and well woman exams, plus pregnancy counseling and birth control options.

Summit Medical Centers is a top abortion clinic provider that started the outpatient 2nd trimester abortion early on. All of our physicians are experienced Board Certified OB/Gynecologists.

Our clinics proudly provide:
•    The Morning After Pill ("Emergency Contraception")
•    RU486 (Medical Abortion)
•    Surgical Abortion
•    Pre Abortion and Post Abortion Counseling
•    Counseling for Pregnancy Options
•    Birth Control Counseling
•    Annual Gynecological Visits (including, Pap Smears, Breast Exams)
•    DNA, Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Testing

Please contact the location nearest you if you are a low-income female. You may be eligible for state or private funding and women with health insurance may be covered for abortion services.

Our abortion clinics can be found in five states, including Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and North Carolina. If you have specific questions about abortion services, abortion fees, hours open -- please contact to the individual clinics.

Summit Women's Center

Bridgeport, CT  06660
(203) 365-2660 | (800) 972-4073

Summit Medical Center
Hartford, CT  06120
(860) 493-6575 | (800) 446-4271

Summit Medical Associates
Atlanta, GA  30324
(404) 607-0042 | (800) 537-2985

Summit Women's Center
Detroit, MI  48235
(313) 272-8450 | (800) 482-4162

Summit Family Planning / Birth Control Care Center
Las Vegas, Nevada  89104
(702) 733-7889 | (800) 255-7889

Piedmont Carolina Medical Clinic
Greensboro, NC  27406
(336) 273-9485